Saturday, April 14, 2007

Noboborsher Shuveccha! (Happy New Bengali Year!)

Today the new year celebrations took place here in Bangladesh. The Bengali New Year celebrations starts in early morning when people gather on the streets to cheer the new year. Together with my collegue Linda we went downtown to the Dhaka University area, where we walked around together with the enormous crowds of people in happy new years spirit. We had the great honour to be interviewed on national televison about our "feelings about celebrating the Bengali New Year in Bangladesh". Not an easy question. I used my best hindi-English and said something about our great feeling of happiness to be part of this extraordinary event. Linda impressed with her banglaspeaking abilities. We managed to wish the people and the nation of Bangladesh a Gott Nytt Ar (Happy New Year). Already a Bangla TV celebrity then, not bad after only two weeks...

This week I went on my first fieldtrip and tomorrow it is off again. Both visits to the North of the country. Pictures and updates from rural Bangladesh will follow in the end of next week.

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Britten och Lasse said...

Happy New Year!