Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Busy times in Dhaka

The last couple of weeks have been busy here in Dhaka and blogging frequency has suffered as a result. The last three weeks or so has included a trip Southeast to a region called Chittagong Hill Tracts. More information about the region will come soon.

This week my flatmate Siobhan and my collegue Anna will be leaving Dhaka. They have been really important for me settling down here in Dhaka and it feels really sad that it is now already time for them to leave. But thats part of living a life moving around, meeting amazing people and then say goodbye. Hopefully to see them again sometime later in life.

On Thursday I am moving in to my new apartment, really looking forward to having my own place. Will bring Biral, Siobhans lovely cat that I am now adopting. Unfortunately tha landlord said something about raising rent so please keep your fingers crossed that it wont be too much. Dont feel like starting looking for a new aparment already.

Updates will come more frequently when my internet connection is set up in the apartment. Until then, take care!


Chris said...


Sa katten foljer med...dar ser man. Ska halla tummarna att hyran inte stiger allt for kraftigt.


Anonymous said...

Äntligen kattmänniska!!! Kände på mig att du skulle rycka upp dig :)
Det regnar i Sverige så du missar ingenting men om du kommer hem nu så kan du få åka i min nya bil (jag har antagligen krockat och förstört den om du väntar till vintern)
blöt puss

anna said...

saknar dig med gumman!

Anonymous said...

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