Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ant invasion

July is obviously the month of joy for the surprisingly big ant community in Bangladesh. Every day at the office the small, lovely inhabitants of our office are present just about everywhere. All over the desk, the computer and the sink. After a few minutes at your desk they have decided that the person sitting there also is a suitable host and they honour you with their presence walking up and down your arms and legs.

According to one of our colleagues ants are good for many reasons, among them to predict the weather. When Bangladeshi ants decide to hide under your bed there will be lots of rain. We are in the middle of the monsun here and I am a bit careful with looking under my bed since I then should expect to find a huge amount of little fellows.

Maybe anyone can investigate if this ant behaviour is exclusive for Banlga-ants? There is so much to learn in this world.

Take care!


Imti said...

BTW, in Bangladeshi idiom, you can learn to swim if you eat ants (that drown on your water pitcher/glass).

Be glad you haven't reached that point yet.

Johannes said...

Men vilken sorts myror är det?