Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My man this morning

Days in Bangladesh never really turn out as you would expect. Planning is more difficult than in Sweden, due to all kinds of circumstances beyond control. This morning the monsun humidity made my kitchen door impossible to open. The dear cat was locked in the kitchen screaming to get out to watch the morning news in my company, and I was almost screaming to get inside the kitchen for my morning coffee. With no help early in the morning to open my door I decided to take a CNG (see above) to the office and start working early, having my coffe at the office. A CNG usually costs about 50 taka (5sek) and takes before rush hour maybe 20 minutes to the office. This morning I was on my way early and traffic was still not too bad. But instead of going directly to the office the driver decided that he (1) needed to have his morning tea halfway (being culturally sensitive I just politely waited for him. Bengalis probably need their morning tea the same way I need my morning coffee, I was thinking.) Then after three more minutes on the way to the office the driver (2) needed to fill upp gas in the CNG. This took us on a detour and the whole event lasted maybe 20 minutes. And the metre was ticking away. Finally we continued. All of the sudden the driver stops again. This time to (3) buy some bananas. Ok, the man needs his breakfast. After about one hour on the road we reached the office and the rate of the trip showed 80 taka. Hm, paying extra for the delay? Well, my bangla is not good enough to argue and I just desperately needed that coffee as soon as possible.

Some Bangla logic learned this morning. Think you are on your way early to the office, end up coming almost later than usually and paying some extra money!

All along though the spirit of my rickshaw wallah was on top of the world and seldom I smile this much a normal morning in Sweden. People everywhere going about their business and the bustle of a South Asian city in the morning is on the top list of things I love in this world.

Enough of morning reflections, back to work. I am late now, I guess...


Anonymous said...

Love your short stories,

Marie & Linton said...

Kram från oss i Geneve. Varmt, Linton kryper, vi fikar på en filt i parken, jag dricker stora mängder latte, vinet e billigt, sommaren mysig! Ses vi i höst?

anna said...

wow, impressive that you kept your smile! I would have been furious, as you probably can imagine. i smiled in the sun this morning waiting for the bus in a quiet city in the south of sweden. not quite the same I guess... miss you loads!